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President’s Message

President and Chief Executive Officer Eisuke Shiozaki

The origin of Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration Co., Ltd.(MCX)dates back to 1972, when Mitsubishi Petroleum Development Co., Ltd. was established with investment of 27 Mitsubishi Group’s companies.

The new history of the company started in 2001, when we became 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. With the new company name, MCX, through its technical and administrative functions, have played an important role in the exploration and production (E&P) of Oil & Gas sector, as well as LNG (liquefied natural gas) projects operated overseas which our parent company participates.

Our activity spreads worldwide – to countries such as Gabon, Angola, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, United States, and Canada. For example, in West Africa, we have been engaged for more than 30 years of producing projects in Gabon and Angola, while the new page was added with the recent participation into Oil & Gas exploration project in Côte d'Ivoire.

We have the personnel with the expertise in various areas of Oil & Gas E&P projects such as, technical evaluation, accounting & finances, and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). Furthermore, in order to upgrade our professional skills, career developments (in mid-term and long-term) are well planned, and opportunities such as training and assignment to overseas project are provided accordingly.

As known, the business environment of Oil & Gas sector are largely affected by the world energy demand and supply balance, as well by the volatility in prices. In any circumstances, our policy remains the same – we step forward in contributing to Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Business Group’s sustainable growth in the upstream business with our Oil & Gas E&P expertise, thus reaching the goal of energy efficient and prosperous society.

Eisuke Shiozaki

President and Chief Executive OfficerEisuke Shiozaki